How to Make Online Money through Facebook

Probably people have a perception that social media sites are just time wasting sites and people who have enough free time, used these social media sites for passing their time. This perception is totally wrong. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, etc are those social media sites, which are now day commonly using for Making Money Online. You may earn money through these social media sites.

Making Money Online With Facebook has Become Easy Today

My name is Aye Lwin and I am an internet marketing expert and today, in this article I would talk about the most popular social media site, Facebook, that”s how you may Make Online Money by using Facebook.

For making money through social media, no doubt Facebook is a best option to start with. It is the largest social network and third most popular website in all over the entire world. With billions of users, you have no problem in getting interested people in your business or what you have to promote.

So, here are some strategies or tactics, you need to follow if you really want to Make Online Money through Facebook.

01-Build Your Mailing List

As probably business men making their incomes on Facebook through mailing lists, so let’s see some ways of growing your mailing list on Facebook.

  • Promote Sign-up Activities

Post new sign-up incentives like free-e-books, reports, white papers, discounts, etc on your Facebook wall. You may get the help of Face Book Ads for getting extra exposure in your sign-up strategy. You need to continue this process until you get more and more sign-ups. Actually, later these sign-ups become your regular customers and thus lead to more income.

  • You need to Add in Relevant Facebook Groups

For this purpose you may also join relevant Facebook groups. Try to come with unique and informative posts, try to join the group chat activities. These all steps also allow getting more sign-ups on your Facebook page.

  • Update Your Facebook Page Cover Photo’s

By updating your Facebook page cover photos, you may easily give a new attractive look to your visitors. In this way you may also get more sign up for your mailing list.

Update Your Facebook Cover Page On Regular Basis

  • Add photo for Call to Action Campaign

By adding more attractive ads like the photo on your Facebook, you may easily run call to action campaign. Make it sure each of your photos should be back linked to your main business page.

  • Custom Audience Features

By using the custom audience features in your Facebook Ads Power Editor for new sign ups, may easily show increase your mailing list.

02-Sell Your Products and Services

By selling your products and services through Facebook, you may easily turn your fans & visitors into your paying customers.

  • Product & Service Announcement

You may easily announce your products and services through your Facebook page.  After that you need to promote your offerings through Facebook Ads option. I am sure it may easily lead to some more customers.

  • Custom Audience Features

Through the Facebook page custom audience option, you may easily target your old customers through your mailing list. It also helps to generate more customers.

  • Relevant Facebook Page Groups

By joining and offering your products and services in the relevant group of people on Facebook, also show some more sales of your products and services.

  • Facebook Comments Plug-in for Blog Commenting

You may also make comments on those blog posts through Facebook comments plug-in, which are probably read by your customers.  Here some posts also allow putting products name and links there directly.  Try to find these posts and paste your product and service link there.  This may also lead to more customers.

Facebook Plug-in An important step towards Success

  • Update your profile Cover photo

By updating your profile cover photos you may also let your visitors know about your new products and services.

03-Money through Generating More Leads

If you are selling high-end products and services, you also need to focus on generating traffic through Facebook.  Here are some ways to generate leads through the Facebook page.

  • Write Article & Blog Posts

You need to write relevant blog posts and share them on your Facebook. In this way you may also bring your offering in the notice of your visitors and fans. Thus, it may also lead to more traffic to your main business websites. Don’t forget to leave your business link there.

  • Relevant Facebook Page groups

You also need to target relevant Facebook page groups. Share your blog posts there, look it the questions people are raising there. Starting communicating with them and try to generate their interest in your products and services.

  • Link Your Business Face Book Page to Your Personal Profile

This strategy actually would help your visitors to know about yourself and your business more in detail. It also helps visitors to know about your expertise & skills.

  •  Business Referral Groups

If your business totally a local based, then you also need to join local Facebook community groups, so that you could promote your products and services in the right way. Try to capture their interest through interesting Facebook posts.

Today’s Best and Reliable Way To Make Money Online

04- Affiliate Products Campaign

You may also Make Online Money through Face Book by promoting your Affiliate product links in your social community. You just need to join a relevant Facebook page group. Come with unique and interesting posts and promote them. You may also come with videos, as today people more likely to see the videos as compare to written stuff. Don’t forget to get a back link to your main Affiliate products business site from there. Affiliate Marketing Campaign on Facebook also leads to more money.

These are some ways of Making Money Online through Facebook. There are also many more ways, through which you may easily make more money through the web. You just simply have two things, you should be hard working and consistent. Success will be yours.

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